Factors affecting the cost of a towing service in 2022

Just picture yourself in a situation where you must contact a towing service because your vehicle has broken down in the middle of the road. Towing your car is extreme, but every motorist must be ready for the unexpected. You’ll have to foot the bill yourself if you haven’t bought towing coverage as part of your auto insurance.

An automobile may need to be towed for several reasons, such as a dead battery, a blown tire, a lack of petrol, an accident, etc. When a vehicle unexpectedly breaks down, and the driver cannot get it anywhere, they have to contact a tow truck to take it to the shop to fix the problem.

What is the need for a car towing service?

Drivers usually travel long distances to attend car exhibitions or display their collections of rare or historic vehicles. These automobiles are not designed to be driven. The owner hires a towing business to lift the car, place it on the trailer’s tailgate, and tow it to the storage facility or venue.

Towing, battery jumpstarting, and winching are just a few of the various services offered by roadside help providers. If you have a bra emergency while traveling, these agencies may assist you. Although many reputable towing services provide low rates and you can get a rough estimation using a towing cost calculator, additional costs may still be incurred. You should be aware of these aspects since they ultimately decide how much money you will have to pay for roadside help. Some of them are listed below.

·        Your vehicles make and model:

You may be subject to varying towing costs depending on your car’s make and model. Oversized vehicle fees are typically between $10 and $25 more. The rationale for the upcharge is the potential for the driver to have to put in more effort to safely park the car. Prices are typically calculated for compact automobiles with four doors; hence, drivers of big SUVs and trucks may anticipate paying a premium.

Depending on the size of your vehicle, the tow truck that comes to retrieve it may use a big, medium, or small towing trailer. There are two kinds of trailers that are often responsible for towing vehicles that have been severely damaged in accidents, such as rollovers:

  1. Massive trailers feature high-duty suspension arms capable of towing large vehicles heavier than 30 tones. This is why they contain parts like suspension arms and rear shovels, which may be used to pull disabled cars or even lift them off the ground.
  2. Medium-sized trailers often include suspension arms and extra-long rear shovels that let them tow buses, compact automobiles, medium and heavy freight trucks, etc.

Most drivers require a modest trailer equipped with wire ropes, shovels in the back, and rollers to pull their cars behind them.

·        Location:

The location of the incident is one of the numerous variables that affect how much a towing service will cost. The price will depend on where you are stopped, and the firm will charge you accordingly if you are on a highway, in a residential neighborhood, or another spot. It will need large equipment and expert knowledge to free your automobile from a ditch if it has driven off-road. This is meant to imply that if you get lost in specific locations, the towing company will charge you extra.

·        Time:

The cost of a towing service is significantly influenced by time. Almost all towing businesses charge more at night than they would during the day to deliver their services. This implies that you can be charged if you phone your preferred towing firm late at night. Other factors, such as public holidays, which may have fewer choices, may also impact the pricing. It is always a smart idea to talk to your towing service provider and haggle over the fee they want you to pay.

·        How the accident took place?

Your automobile may have been damaged in an accident. The extent of the damage depends on how severe the collision was. The towing service must decide how safely and adequately to tow the car. Depending on the car’s condition, possibilities include:

  • Auto-towing
  • Wheel-lift wrecker
  • Tractor-trailer flatbed
  • Hook-and-chain wreckers