When a car gets old?

How old is your car?

Can you declare your old sweetheart as an oldtimer?

When it comes to automobile collectables, many variables require considering it an oldtimer classic. The answer to this question is a little complicated. Modern cars have a whole lot of electronic devices that aid the driver while driving and assure high safety on the road. The owner of oldtimers can still experience unadulterated and pure enjoyment during driving. Whether driving along the winding on country roads or tinkering in the home garage, in a whole a classic or oldtimer vehicle is an excellent counterbalance to a demanding job.

Oldtimers is a German term used by German traffic regulations for a vehicle that is in its original condition after at least 30 years of its first registration. After this long time run the oldtimers still remain in a perfect state of repair.

For these classic or vintage car owners, an exclusive license is essential because of the following reasons:

  • These vehicles become a status symbol and own the value of a cultural asset by law.
  • These vintage cars have the tax and insurance premium amount meager.
  • These are also exempted from the Environmental badge.

The unique number plates for oldtimers issued by German licensing authority have an ‘’H’’ on it. These oldtimers with an ’’H’’ sporting on it are restricted to few miles per year that is generally around 10,000km. To get this ‘’H’’ registration an oldtimer must have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • It is essential to document every repair or restoration and use original parts or parts right to the original during repair.
  • Keep all the old reports and visual material to speed up the process of vehicle’s inspection.
  • Tuning and modifications are only allowed if there is classic proof of it.