Are you confused between leasing and buying a Car?

Generally, people get confused between buying a car or getting it on a lease, and most of them prefer to buy it. Maybe it is the right decision, but from the financial perspective, you must be able to pay off the loan in full, make more monthly payments, and be ready to keep that vehicle for few years.

But what to do if you are a person who loves to drive the latest model, expensive vehicles like BMW, GMC, Jeep, or Ram?

Everyone’s situation is different, but understanding the pros and cons of buying and leasing can make buying or leasing the decision easier.

Leasing is a less expensive option on a month to month basis to fulfill your desire of having the latest model, luxurious vehicles. This decision entirely based upon your lifestyle and your preferences to pay for such things. It is renting a vehicle from a dealer for a specific period, usually 36 to 48 months. After ending the lease period, you can return the vehicle back to the dealer, or otherwise, you can purchase it on a pre-determined amount mentioned in the lease contract.

Why is it better to lease expensive cars?

Several reasons motivate you to lease your dream vehicle BMW or GMC because:

  • You can have a luxurious car on lower monthly payments with no or low down payment.
  • You pay fewer sales tax and drive an expensive vehicle for lesser money.
  • Because of being under the vehicle’s included factory warranty, the repair cost of a vehicle becomes lowers.
  • No hassles at the end of the lease with a more comfortable transition phase to a new car after every two to three years.

If you discuss the negative side of leasing, then you don’t own your vehicle, have limited mileage, pay more in the long run for a leased car, and face excessive wear-and-tear charges.


As a whole, the decision is totally up to you, but who would regret to have a latest, super luxurious, and comfortable BMW, Jeep, or GMC after every two to three years. AMNY featured car leasing mentions VIP auto lease of New York as a trusted lease broker who provides you undoubtedly the best deal on the market for the vehicle you desire for.

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