3 Ways To Protect Your Car Battery in Winter

As the seasons change and the weather becomes cold, it’s necessary to take better care of your car battery. This power box doesn’t do well in cold temperatures, and a partially charged battery can actually freeze up when the air gets below freezing. Here are some tips to make sure your car starts so you can be on your way, even when the snow is falling.

1. Drive at Least Ten Minutes at a Time

A battery that isn’t charged to full power can freeze at higher temperatures than a fully charged one. To help keep your battery charged, drive for at least ten minutes at a time. This allows the alternator some time to recharge it. If the battery isn’t being recharged when you drive the car, search for an auto repair shop near me for an inspection.

2. Park Your Car Away From the Wind

When you’re done venturing out for the day, park your car inside your garage. This keeps snow and ice from building up overnight and prevents the cold wind from blowing under the hood. When the weather gets below zero, add an extra layer of protection with an electric battery blanket. If you don’t have a garage, do your best to park your car along the side of a building that blocks the wind, or park the car with the back end facing the oncoming gusts to guard the battery from the frigid air.

3. Turn Off the Electronics

It’s a good habit to shut off all the electronics and accessories when you park the car in your garage at the end of the day. Turning off the heater, radio, daytime running lights and pulling out the phone charger lessens the energy demand on the battery when the car starts. Once the engine turns, these accessories are powered by the alternator instead of the battery, and it’s safe to turn them on.