Unearthing Essential Machinery for Grain Farming

When you run a medium or large grain farm, it is important to own or lease the right equipment to keep the agricultural operation running optimally. Whether it’s small or large machinery, you need to make certain that the hardware fits the job. These essential machines will keep your production flowing if you choose carefully.


Every children’s farming book contains pictures of tractors; these are the one machine every farm possesses as a consequence of their versatility and utility. Tractors can pull or push the other necessary farming tools, from plows to seeders. You may want to consider a used tractor if you don’t need one with expensive and complicated added features.

Large Trucks

A semi-truck or trailer may not seem to be a critical farm piece, but you may find one or the other almost as essential as the tractor. For example, if you move grains, you will need a hopper bottom trailer. However, this is one area you can save money by farming out your grain transportation to external hopper bottom carriers.

Small Trucks

In contrast, you will need a vehicle for day-to-day hauling and other duties. A full-size pickup truck will serve this duty. For carrying anything from hay bales to manure, the truck’s conveniently accessible bed makes it a key cog in the system.

Planting and Harvesting Equipment

Of course, you have to get seeds in the ground and grains out. Your biggest expense will go toward purchasing the machines to accomplish this, including plows, harrows, seeders, harvesters and a multitude of other self-driven and pulled equipment. Because this area of farming is time-sensitive, any breakdowns can be catastrophic. It is important that you purchase reliable and quality planting and harvesting pieces.

The world depends on grain farming and other agricultural production. As a farmer, you can be certain to get the job done right by owning, renting or outsourcing top-quality equipment.