Steps to Get A Driver’s License

Who likes footing bills for tickets? You might end up doing this if you’re caught driving on roads without a license. However, with strict laws and regulations of the country, tickets won’t be the only thing, you might end up spending some days in jail too. After all, it’s nothing less than a crime. Therefore, the moment you put on hands on the steering wheel, make sure to check your pockets for a license.

No worries if you’re under 18 years of age, you can always apply for the learner’s license once you turn 16 since that is acceptable too. You can use it for the time being until you turn 18, after which, feel free to apply for the permanent driver’s license. If you’re wondering how here 6 steps are to get a driver’s license.

Step 1: Get Learner’s Permit

Learner’s permit is for all those people who want to brush up their driving skills. Everyone’s who is 16 years of age has to get a learner’s permit before landing on the roads. Similarly, you don’t necessarily have to be 16 years of age to get a learner’s license; instead, you can get it at any age when you’re learning how to drive.

You can be as young as 16 years or as old as 60 years of age. Just like the name suggests, the learner’s permit is for people learning how to drive. Well, no one would hand you over a learner’s license just like that. You have to undergo some tests and requirements. Firstly, you have to be 16 years of age or above. Secondly, you have to prove your identity and alongside pass the ‘driver’s knowledge test’.

It’s a super basic test, you have to get hold of traffic rules and the car’s features. It only tests general car knowledge, if you pass it, pay the fees and get your hands on the learner’s permit from EZlicense. Besides, with the learner’s permit, you also get an ‘L-shaped’ sticker which, you have to stick to your car. It’s for road audience to know you’re learning so they don’t go crazy with honking on your minor mistakes.

Step 2: Complete Training Sessions

With the learner’s license in your pockets, feel free to bring yourself on the roads but not without supervision. However, be cognizant of the restricted areas where learners are prohibited. You have to pick a driving instructor, usually a professional one. They would help you in completing the required training sessions for driving.

Once you choose your driving instructor, you have to select your training hours and days. Mostly, license requirements demand to complete at least 50 driving hours. You can distribute these through weeks or even months if you plan on giving one hour every day. All these training sessions are super crucial, you get hold of some amazing driving techniques.

On the same hand, you also crack the codes of driving in rough and tough situations. You might be a master of everything, but things are different when you apply the bookish knowledge in the real world. Thus, until you don’t get on the roads, you never know what’s it like.

Step 3: Take Hazard Perception Test

Everything is going great, there’s learner’s permit in your pockets, you have gotten hold of all the driving skills, but you still can’t win a driving license. There are a bunch of requirements before reaching the destination. So, next up is the hazard perception test. However, you can only take this once your learners permit is at least 6 months old. Only then you’re eligible to sit in this test.

Don’t worry, this is not a hard-core test which desires days of preparation. It would test your cognitive skills by exposing you to various situations. Several traffic situations and accidents would drop in front of your computer screen, while you would have to assess your critical thinking skills. Sometimes, it would ask for your responses or the possible safety measures to avoid accidents.

Your performance in this test would dictate your driving skills. Besides, to score good, pull off some sample tests online. It won’t only give a fair idea about the test but also prepares you for it.

Step 4: Continue Practicing

Don’t you think ‘practice makes a man perfect’? Even with the learner’s permit in your hand, you have to continue practicing. Remember, you have to make up for your 50 driving hours? However, don’t miss out on the 5 hours practice after the sunset. You might wonder why? Well, things are quite different at night, you have to get hold of the headlights, reflectors, brake lights, etc.

You might think you have become an amazing driver now, but it’s crucial to continue practicing. Even if you have completed the 50 driving hours. Take a supervision driver along that could be any family member and keep practicing. All these requirements have a strong influence, helping you become an efficient solo driver.

Step 5: Pass the Driving Test

Finally, it’s the exam day, your practical driving test day. Unsurprisingly, you’re just a step away from getting your hands on the driving license. So, begin by preparing for it; for instance – reversing and parking remains crucial every time. Thus, ensure you practice enough to rule out any chances of errors and mistakes.

Remind yourself that you have been practicing for a while now, it’s the time to exhibit all the skills you have learned. You would receive a set of instructions and orders, you have to follow and display your driving skills.  

Step 6: Get a Provisional License

Lastly, after clearing the practical driving test, authorities would parcel out a provisional driving license to you. Guess what? Now you can drive freely without any supervision. Without waiting any further, head over to the office, get your photo taken and pay the license fees.

Remember, you would get a probationary license in the beginning. Firstly, a red P-Plate license, it’s like a normal license but with some after sunset driving restrictions. You have to hold it for 12 months until you receive your green P2 license. Similarly, you have to hold a P2 license for 24 months, after which your performance would be analyzed to hand you over the permanent license without any restrictions.

Wrapping Up

Driving is an amazing experience, and it gets better if you adhere to all the laws and regulations. For this, the initial step is getting the driving license, which is not a piece of cake. You can’t jump over to getting a license; instead, everything is step by step. So, if you’re wondering how? Take a look at the above-mentioned steps to get a driver’s license.