Don’t Head Out To the Junkyard Without These Things

Gearheads are known for always adding to their collection of tools and gadgets. More importantly, they are known for being resourceful when looking for parts for their vehicle. This makes the junkyard the place to be for repairs or replacements. Here’s a list of some important but often forgotten things to bring the next time you head to a junkyard in Maryland.

A Quality Toolbelt or Chest

As you head into the junkyard with all your equipment, you don’t want to be fumbling around with the different tools or wondering where to lay everything when you are crawling under a car. A quality tool pouch or chest has enough room for the basic items without being too cumbersome or strenuous to lay around.

Some Hand Protection

You will definitely want to bring a pair of gloves for your trip. You have no idea what you will be touching or getting into while you rummage between cars. You should also bring some hand cleaner or tough wipes to clean your hands before getting in the car and driving back home.

A Selection of Pliers

You are going to need several pairs of pliers, as each pair is designed to take care of a different part or space issue. Carry one pair of channel locks, side-cutters, needle-nose, locking pliers, and a regular pair. If you are going to limit your selection, don’t leave out locking pliers. It makes it much easier to cover both nut and bolt.

A Storage Option for Parts

It is best to bring along a sharpie marker and a box of ziplock bags. This is handy for when you are taking apart a door or other element that has multiple screws or small parts. You don’t want to stuff the screws down in your pocket. Put them in a baggie and label them which part they go with.

These are just a few of the items few think to bring when headed to a junkyard. Having them on hand can make your trip more of a success.