A history of Limousine

From the beginning

At the start, history of chauffeured vehicle has started since 1700’s. The services were started while keeping the wealthy in mind and it started as horse drawn carriages. The carriages were glided in gold and pulled by only the finest animals of that time. The word limousine was derived from a feminine adjective which is formed from the word Limoges which is the province in France that was where it all started. The notable feature that make limousines exceptional and unique from other vehicles (or carriages) is that the driver sits in an entirely compartment.

Engine powered limousines

The first of the limousines which were developed for limo provider in year 1902 was designed so the driver sat outside under a covered compartment. Thus brings us back to the origin of the word limousine, called that due to the covered compartment physically resembled the cloak hood won by the ones that resided in Limoges.

The first stretch limousine

The first stretch limousine was manufactured in Arkansas round 1928. They were mostly referred to as “big band busses” because they were mainly used for transportation of famous big band leaders, their orchestras as well as their instruments to the various parts of country. The year 1930 limousines really started taking off to the progress and stability. They were being used to transport guests of hotels from the airport to the hotel and also for sightseeing in various tours. The grooving popularity urged the movie industry to jump on board and they started using the vehicles to carry film crew and stage personal for their shootings around movie sets. At that time limousine also became a basis necessity for movie actors and actresses and it became the sign of luxury. You were not considered as a celebrity unless you arrive in a stretch limo.

High end transportation

During this boom time of limousines the six door limousines were invented and they were typically used for funerals and were built on Cadillac chasis. Over the time and advancements limousines became more and more popular and easily accessible. They started being used to transport everyone from movie stars to the most important celebrities, even the Presidents of United States whenever needed.

Present Trends

At present the limousine are better in shape, increased their passenger capacity and services. They are still known as the symbol of rich and luxury but they are not very hard to get and over the period of time they have become cheaper and people are using them for their special events. Service providers like Mississauga Limousine rentals have the best fleet in town and trained chauffeurs which offer a large variety of vehicles and services. You want to go to some party or on a business trip, going on a prom night or want to hang out with friends, just call for a limo and let the service provider take care of the rest. You will experience the most luxurious and comfortable rid throughout your commute.