5 Things to Consider When Shopping for Winches

Drivers generally use winches for self-recovery, especially when solo off-roading. Winches are also great to have in case another driver gets stuck out on the trail. However, several unconventional ways of using winches have surfaced over the years. These include logging, and even landscaping (to move heavy objects around the yard). Here are some key factors to consider before buying a winch regardless of the reason for getting one.

Five Things to Consider When Buying A Winch

  1. The reason the Winch is Needed

Like most purchases, the “why” behind the decision is critical. For example, vehicles that will be used in deep mud or under generally wet conditions should ideally be outfitted with a waterproof winch. Additionally, the weight of the vehicle is critical since the minimum winch pull rating should be 1.5 times the vehicle’s gross vehicle weight (GVW). Furthermore, if the winch is expected to do more than self-recovery (meaning it will be used to pull more than just the vehicle it is attached to), the maximum amount of weight the winch is expected to handle should be considered if that maximum weight is above the primary vehicle’s GVW.

  1. The Vehicle’s Ability to Handle the Winch’s Weight

“The bigger the better” is sage advice when buying a winch. While this refers directly to the pull rating, the actual weight of the winch can add 70 or more pounds to the front or back of the vehicle. Here, the winch’s dimensions and the weight of its construction material do matter. The choice of a steel cable or synthetic rope and the length of the cable or rope also matter.

Lastly, that the higher the curb weight of the vehicle, the lower its payload capacity. Therefore, consider how much stuff needs to be loaded into the vehicle for each trip and ensure the overall weight of the vehicle is safe while in use.

  1. Build Quality and Price

Strength and durability should never be sacrificed. Luckily, while some high-quality winches come at high prices, some brands provide affordable, high-quality winches. Therefore, it is possible to get stellar performance for less money. As a rule, it is better to spend a little extra on reliability; do not skim on the price and pay for it later.

  1. Ease of Installation

Most winches are not installed by professionals so easy installation is a big selling point for some models. The value of the benefit depends on the ability of the individual who is installing the winch. Naturally, a home mechanic, avid “DIYer”, or those who love a challenge will be comfortable with more complex instructions. Most buyers, however, appreciate user-friendliness.

  1. Maintenance Needs

Every winch will require some level of maintenance, but some will require more than others. Additionally, certain features will require more maintenance even if the overall winch is low maintenance. For example, synthetic ropes are susceptible to weather elements and steel cables can rust or wear over time. Therefore, consider the conditions under which the winch will be used.

Top Winch Brands

There are numerous winch manufacturers on the market. However, some brands stand out more than others. Winches made by Warn, SuperWinch, Smittybilt, Champion, Prestige, and Warrior often get rave reviews because they are known for quality, pull power, and strength. The price points will differ even within a single brand, so it all comes down to need, availability, and budget.

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