3 Tips For Designing Functional Living Spaces on a Boat

If you spend a lot of time on boats, you know that well-designed living spaces can enhance your experiences. Getting your boat design right, however, can be tricky. Regardless of the size of your vessel, you have to fit a lot of functionality into a small amount of space. It pays to invest time, effort and resources into your living spaces from the get-go. If money is a concern, discount boat parts and boat flea markets can help you build and design your boat while staying on budget. Follow a few key design rules to get the most out of your sea adventures.

1. Plan Multi-Purpose Spaces

When you’re working with small spaces, it helps to separate them into functional zones, such as navigation, preparing food, dining and relaxing. The reality of boat life often requires these spaces to pull double shifts. Depending on your needs, you can design your dining area to become an extra bed, a recreational area or even an office.

2. Don’t Waste Space

On a boat, you need to use every inch wisely from the area under the stairs to the ceiling. Storage is at a premium, so choose furniture that provides organizational benefits like built-in shelves or under-seat storage. You may find it helpful to install hooks on free walls, hang fabric shelves or use bungee cords to secure large items on the wall or ceiling. You can also save space and money with furniture that performs multiple roles, such as an ottoman that can be a table, spare seat or footrest.

3. Keep It Clean

At sea, even a small mess can quickly overwhelm your space. Items that are left out can also become safety hazards in rough waters. Develop a good organizational system and clean up daily. As a bonus, your living area will also seem more open and spacious when it’s clutter-free.

If you keep these tips in mind, you can create living spaces that are both comfortable and functional in your nautical home.