Few common reasons for failing the practical driving test

aDriving School always ensures that you pass your actual driving test with minimum hassle and fuss. It is a must to remember basic things you should and shouldn’t be doing on your driving test. Here are a few prevalent reasons why do people fail in their driving test:

  • Before arriving at the road, it is essential to plan your every next movement during driving. You have to be alert for what is coming from both directions and before driving look Right, Left, and again Right.
  • Use mirrors attentively and gather information from what you see in the mirrors often. Otherwise, you will fail to act on what you have seen during the driving test.
  • Reverse parking is the task that people often fail to perform correctly. It is not about moving your head robotically. You have to be careful in checking your blind spots and are aware of approaching traffic.
  • Be cautious about the correct use of signals. Most people give misleading messages and also forget to cancel them.
  • Many candidates fail while reversing around a corner because of ineffective observation or lack of accuracy and control. Hitting the kerb is also a common mistake. The important rule to pass this test is, take your reversing exercise SLOWLY.
  • The most notable error by the candidates is the lack of steering control. Try to practice pull-push steering techniques to reduce the chances of losing steering control.
  • Never ‘’cut-across’’ the roundabout and follow your appropriate lane entirely around the roundabout.
  • Don’t forget that you can use either lane in a one-way street. Learner drivers use to drive in the left lane in a one-way street and forget that they are on a one-way.
  • Remember! You are not allowed to travel too fast into an emergency or break the speed limit. The best practice is to remain at a speed that will enable you to make an effective decision according to the situation.

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