Do you own a car and looking for the perfect Car Stereo? Worry no more!

The car stereo is the highlight of the audio system of any car. They make the dashboard look so marvellous and are complete of all the useful features including the receiver, head unit and radio also the car stereo of today offers many more complex jobs done so that one can better enjoy the drive time. Let us glance upon the factors you need to keep in mind while choosing a new stereo.

  • How much should it be sophisticated? – You will face many advanced features that you might not have been used to. Certainly, choose a touch screen monitor that makes it easier for you to adjust and control the stereo.
  • Cosmetic – Aftermarket car stereos providing cutting-edge layout and high-tech displays, enhance the semblance of the interior of your car. Your options are touch screen monitor, animated colour display and colour customizable schemes that usually have colours and backgrounds which are selectable. If you wish to intensify the listening experience, search for a stereo that flashes lights with every beat!
  • Better sound Control – Speaking of precise controls of sound like the digital time rectification, parametric equalization and adjustments are present on higher-end recipients for the ones you wish to twitch the sound. However, even if you own the lower-prices stereos, they will offer a much better audio control than the standard factory radio. That is another way of making your music sound better.

Android App Control

Well, nowadays, not everyone is chained or connected to physical media to play digital music. If you enjoy the streaming options and services like Spotify and Pandora, then the thing you need is a system that supports the app control. The head system or unit are attached to your mobile phone, and it takes control of playing radio apps. Android App Control helps you save your time and trouble of twiddling with your phone every time you wish to change the station or skip a track.

Android Car Stereos

You can the term “android car stereo“ to refer to the head systems which are well-matched with the Android tablets or phones, and you will not find many car stereos that run on Android. The field is changing rapidly, and even the most recent models of car stereos tend to lag behind tablets and handsets. To run into your system or unit, you need to confirm the version it is running on.


Bluetooth vs. USB

You will find certain head units that are gradually providing the connections of USB for Android devices, although the compatibility cannot be completely guaranteed. For example, people maintain several phones which are compatible with AppRadio. The list surely becomes long, yet in a few cases, you have required an additional adapter. If you have a listening habit, you have a better option of Bluetooth, and for that, the best android car stereo would be the one that holds up the A2DP Bluetooth Protocol.